Liz's Story

Liz has always been afraid of the water. If she couldn't stand up in it she would panic. This fear happened as a result of swimming lessons in 5th grade. The instructor was a yeller and instead of learning to swim she became afraid. This year, Liz made one New Year’s resolution—only to learn how to swim. She is 65 years old and decided that now that she lives in Florida this was important not just for her daughter and grandchildren, but something she really needed to do. Since July she has been taking private lessons with Andrea every other Saturday. Thanks to her, Liz can swim and will venture in the deep end with the swim bar. The most astonishing thing to Liz is that she can float on her back (something she never thought she could do). Andrea has been a great instructor. Liz feels confident when she’s with her. Liz says she still has a lot to learn and does not fully feel comfortable in the deep end without an assistive device, but before this experience she wouldn't have gone in the deep end even with a device. For her, that's progress. Liz says, “It's been a great experience and my family and friends couldn't be prouder of the progress I've made.”