Employee Spotlight


Chelsea Guiliano

Case Manager, YMCA (Sarasota)

Chelsea is the ultimate team player, an incredible case manager, and a complete and total ROCK STAR! Her team and supervisors are thankful to have someone who is so dedicated to families and is an overall amazing person.

Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you. Cool, calm, and collected, she is not intimidated by anyone or anything—or at least she doesn’t show it! She can handle a high level of stress with absolute professionalism.

She says her favorite aspect of her job is being a part of positive outcomes when families and children find permanency. She likes completing home visits, which give her opportunities to visit with families and build rapport.

Chelsea is very competitive and led her team to win the most games overall at the Summer Staff Olympics.

What Chelsea misses most about being a kid is a life without bills and never having to drive herself anywhere.