Employee Spotlight


Mia Pompey

Family Support Worker, Sarasota YMCA CM (Sarasota)

Mia is the veteran Family Support Worker in the Sarasota office and is described as reliable and a hard  worker.  She especially stands out because she is quick to help out Case Managers and families when they are in need of assistance. With the dynamic system we work in, it is invaluable that she is able to adapt well to changes and able to problem solve on her own.

Mia says working at Safe Children Coalition inspired her to become a foster parent. Just seeing the amount of kids that crossed her path, she felt that her purpose was to give back by providing a loving and caring home until they were reunified with their families. She is motivated by knowing she has touched the life of someone she worked with or a child in a way that will inspire them to want to be better.

*Fun Facts*

If Mia could witness any event in the past it would be to witness Martin Luther King Jr give his I have a Dream speech at the Lincoln Monument.  She would have loved to be in the presence of thousands gathered in peace and unity on one accord, while color and religion were not an issue.

What Mia misses about being a kid is not paying any bills, just having to worry about school and what she was going to wear.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our clients, Mia!