Employee Spotlight

0519 Lisa Zamora pic.JPG

Lisa Zamora

Adoption Specialist, YMCA

A hard worker and a team player, Lisa is very knowledgeable and comes with a positive attitude. She says that the most inspiring thing about this profession is the resiliency in children. The amount of trauma and adversity that they are exposed to and can still overcome is unbelievable. 

Lisa is motivated to help both adults and children who are struggling to understand that there are other ways to living life. When many people lose hope or feel like they are “too far gone,” she says it’s never too late. It may not be easy to change, but it is possible. 


Lisa’s favorite song is “You Are My Sunshine.” First it was a special song with just her husband, but then she discovered it was special for her grandparents, who even recorded it many years ago. Now it’s their family song.

Her maternal grandmother is her favorite relative. A sweet and caring lady, her grandmother was not afraid of telling people her mind, even though her mouth got her in trouble sometimes. She was always honest and is greatly missed.

Lisa is also a foster and adoptive parent.

Before her nine years at the Safe Children Coalition, Lisa also worked in child welfare for four years in Naples.

Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our families, Lisa!