Employee Spotlight


Zulma Rodriquez

Family Support Worker, YFA (Manatee)

Zulma is the fearless leader of YFA’s Family Support Team. She runs The Command Center to make sure the case managers, children and families we serve have the best support in the Circuit—maybe even the state! Zulma is a certified parenting instructor who is well-loved by her class attendees. In addition to running Command Central, parenting groups, being a car seat technician and individual parenting classes, Zulma is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to community resources. When the team needs to find somebody out there in the Big Bad World, they run right to Detective Zulma, who has located countless missing parents. In a nutshell, Zulma pretty much runs the place, and her YFA colleagues wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Fun Facts*

The day Zulma spotted an ad for YFA on a job web site is the day her life changed forever.

Now Zulma has been with YFA for three years, and she’s grateful for the opportunities it has brought her.

The best part of her job, she says, is taking children into a happy situation because it melts her heart.

Zulma is the type of person who keeps humming long after the song is finished. She doesn’t lose hope, and she lives life to a different tune. She sings out to the back row, glides instead of walks, and dances even when she doesn’t have to. Just like in her favorite song “Grace Got you” by Mercy Me. She says that the song describes her in many ways.

 Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our staff and families, Zulma!