Employee Spotlight

Kayleigh P Spotlight Sept 2017.jpg

Kayleigh Petramale

Case Manager, YFA

Kayleigh’s Supervisor says that she is a dependable, hard working case manager who always has a great attitude!

Her favorite job responsibilities involve direct contact with the kids (home visits, trans- porting, supervising visits) because even though there is chaos going on around them it's awesome to see their "normal" kid activities and answer their normal kid questions.

Kayleigh is motivated by the constant reminder that she is helping families be the best family that they can be. So that they are better, stronger and more stable than before.

*Fun Facts*

Her least favorite household chore is folding laundry. She will sort and wash all day but HATES folding.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our clients, Kayleigh!