Employee Spotlight

Desiree cropped.jpg

Desiree Brown

Family Support Worker, YMCA (Sarasota)

Desiree has been a great asset to our team of family support workers, always stepping in to help out when case managers are in a bind. She is full of energy and uses her great sense of humor to connect with the families she works with. She is proud of the impact she’s made and the lives she has touched. It inspires her when children come back years later, excited to tell her how much they changed and where they’re at in their lives. The gratitude they express amazes her, and she can see the difference that she makes by taking time to listen to them and motivating them to shift their outlook or attitude on life. To top it off, Desiree is also a foster parent.


Desiree is motivated by mountains because she’s never met one that can hold her back!

Goapele’s song “Closer” is her favorite jam because it’s such a powerful song that reflects self-motivation and always remembering to go after your dreams, no matter the setbacks.

If Desiree could travel anywhere, she said she would like to visit any body of water and just stare out into its openness. She said water is so calm, so neutral, so inviting and just an amazing spot to reflect—still yet always moving.

Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our families, Desiree!