Employee Spotlight

Claudia LaPietra

CM/IL Supervisor, YMCA (Sarasota)

Claudia is even-tempered and always willing to help out her co-workers. She is a strong advocate for the children and families she serves and is a very caring person. Claudia finds her job to be rewarding and is grateful to have had the support and guidance from her previous incredible supervisors, Lindsey and Katrina, who paved the way for her. She hopes to make the same kind of impact with the case managers she now works with. As a new supervisor, herself, she is proving to be an amazing addition to the management team as a strong leader who is consistent in her supervisory style.

Claudia gets her work ethic from her grandfather, Pezzillo. He motivates her to be successful in her career and inspires her with his devotion to their family.

Fun Facts

Claudia majored in criminal justice and loves a good crime novel. She recently read Into the Water and highly recommends it!

Claudia and her grandfather, Pezzillo, love a good lemon meringue pie.

Claudia started out as a family support worker at The Florida Center.