Employee Spotlight


Marion Carroll

Case Manager, Pathways Human Services (Desoto)

Marion is a dedicated case manager who’s years of experience fuel his passion for helping children and families achieve the best possible outcomes. He says that the most inspiring part of his job is when children who are available for adoption, develop a close bond with their caregivers that leads to a successful adoptive placement.

Marion has been in Child Welfare for almost 20 years. Starting at the state mental hospital, he eventually became a unit supervisor at a facility that housed up to 1000 residents. After the state hospital closed, Marion worked as a manager at a local grocery store. This community connection led to serving on the school board, being a city council member, and eventually the Mayor of Arcadia, FL.

Marion and his wife also owned a daycare, which eventually steered him toward becoming a CPI. He then joined the Y as a licensing and placement specialist in Desoto where he eventually transitioned to Case Management. 

*Fun Facts*

He attended West Point Academy and graduated from FSU. 

Marion and his wife have a special needs daughter, Jenna, who is almost 30, although, she was not projected to live past two.  Marion says she is their pride and joy, his face lights up when he talks about how special she is. He and his wife also raised their granddaughter from the age of one and she is now a freshman in college.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our clients, Marion!