Employee Spotlight


Lisa Eckley

Crisis Counselor, ERAT, Manatee

A very dedicated and experienced social worker, Lisa commits to any task she is asked without question, and without hesitation.  She is loved and respected by her peers and has also been recognized by many community partners for her dedication to families.  She is also a mentor to many colleagues. 

Lisa has always been an integral part of ERAT and says she loves crisis intervention. With long standing relationships in every part of child welfare, Lisa has worked as a crisis counselor, case manager, supervisor, victim advocate, rape counselor, life coach, licensing specialist, teacher for PRIDE classes to foster parents, DV group counselor, individual counseling for therapeutic foster kids, and has completed CBHA’s and adoption home studies. “Amazing,” “absolutely irreplaceable,” and “truly an inspiration” are just a few descriptions people have used for her.

Lisa says she is motivated by people with integrity and is inspired by meeting survivors of trauma who have found their path.


  • Lisa says her grandmother is her favorite person. “She taught me to fly when I didn’t know I had wings.”

  • Her favorite part of her job is getting to feel like Santa, delivering food, backpacks, shoes, and clothing.

  • If she could, she would travel endlessly around the world.

  • She hopes to accomplish a good work/life balance.


Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our families, Lisa!