Employee Spotlight


Ann Carroll-Sherman

Case Manager Supervisor, Youth & Family Alternatives (Manatee)

Ann has been consistent in her work as a Supervisor. While having a higher case load, she has maintained modeling a positive attitude. She supports her team to get their court work and staffings completed timely, children seen,  keeps communication open with all, and makes time for her fellow Supervisors. When new cases come to Ann, she quickly and thoroughly reviews them with her team to make sure we do not have children, “falling through the cracks.” She has a high level of expectation for her time, and they rise to achieve it week after week. Ann wears many hats, as do all of our Supervisors, and she looks amazing in them all. We celebrate Ann for her knowledge, compassion, boosting morale, and for her thorough supervision of cases. Ann is relentless in pursuing permanency for our children and families, and goes the distance in supporting the YFA family.

*Fun Facts*

Ann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Science.

While completing her internship for her social work degree she worked with Child Protective Investigators and knew immediately that she wanted to be a part of child welfare.

Ann stated the most interesting part of her job is helping case managers learn their role in child welfare. She noted her least favorite household chore is laundry.

Thank you for your positive attitude and consistent support of our staff & families, Ann