Foster Parent Training


In your pursuit to become a licensed foster family or to adopt children out of foster care, you will need to successfully complete a 30 hour training curriculum, the Professional Parenting Course. Professional Parenting is a selection tool for the mutual use of your family and the Safe Children Coalition to determine if fostering and adoption are right for your family.

Each class is led by a trained social worker who is accompanied by a licensed foster parent. Some topics you will cover in class:

  • Recognizing and working with the loss and grief children experience when they are removed from their parents, regardless of the abuse or neglect they experienced at home.
  • Identifying your family's strengths and skills to determine the appropriate matches for your home.
  • Parenting techniques to support the special needs of children in foster care.
  • For foster families, supporting the biological parents' attempts to reunify with their child(ren).
  • For adoptive families, recognizing that birth-family connections are an integral part of a foster child's development.