Home Study UHS - Step to Complete

These are the specific steps which a case manager (CM) must follow when completing the Unified Home Study (UHS) in FSFN.

1.      CM completes a Provider Search in FSFN.  If this potential residence is not already a provider in FSFN, CM will submit a SCC Data Portal Edit Request to create a new provider. If a caregiver is already a provider in FSFN, A Miscellaneous Edit Request to assign the provider to CM will be submitted through the SCC Data Portal.  

2.   CM submits Background Screen Request on all adults and children ages 12 and up residing in the home to the Background Screening Unit (BSU).  CM will have all adults residing in the home call and set up an appointment to complete the LiveScan fingerprinting.

3.    CM prints the following documents to take to the home for which the home study is being completed:

·        UHS Job Aid

·        Reference Request Form (once referrals received - uploaded in FSFN)

·        Firearm Safety Requirements Form (provided, reviewed, discussed & documented ONLY            if  safety issues observed/learned)

·        Water Addendum (provided, reviewed, & discussed)

·        Safe sleep information, if appropriate (provided, reviewed, & discussed)

·        Relative/Non-Relative Caregiver Program information (provided, reviewed, discussed &             documented)

·        Consent to release information (if requested then must be signed & uploaded in FSFN)

·        Receipt of rights and responsibilities (provided, discussed & documented)

·        Receipt of grievance brochure (provided, discussed & documented)

·        Any referrals needed (discussed, provided & documented in FSFN)

4.    CM must follow-up to obtain two (2) personal references.

5.    CM launches the home study in FSFN for the provider created or assigned and enters assessment information.

6.    CM prints completed UHS in FSFN and all potential caregivers review completed UHS prior to signing.

7.    CM then recommends outcome in FSFN and submits to Supervisor for review and approval/denial. 

8.    CM must verbally notify the proposed caregiver of the UHS decision if not selected, within three (3) business days of the supervisor’s decision.

9.    Regardless of the Supervisor’s decision, a copy of the completed, signed UHS must be provided to caregiver within five (5) business days.

10.  CM will upload a copy of the signed UHS (including CM & Supervisor signatures) along with all the attachments above including 911call-out results, sexual predator search result, and two (2) personal references within two (2) business days of receiving signatures.

11.     Send a copy of the UHS and all attachments including the criminal history to Children’s Legal Services (CLS) to be filed with the court.

12.  The original UHS with signatures and attachments goes to the records room to be scanned into ASK.

**Note:  National and state criminal records CANNOT be uploaded to FSFN.  Law requires us summarize the results along with our analysis within the UHS narrative field. The results of these criminal histories also CANNOT be copied and pasted into the home study. 

**Note: If updating a previously completed UHS, attach the addendum to a copy of the previous approved UHS along with all the attachments and submit to CLS.  The original goes to ASK.

**Note:  IF there are NO concerns about firearms safety, you must NOT document ANY information that the caregiver owns firearms according to s.790.335, F.S.

All of the steps above must be completed and the UHS must be approved by the court before a child is placed with the potential caregiver.