How to Change a Child’s Medicaid Plan and/or Primary Care Physician (PCP)

It is preferred that all children in Out-of-Home Care be enrolled in the Sunshine Child Welfare Specialty Plan (CWSP).  If the child is on the Sunshine CWSP, you can create a “Parent Profile” on the Sunshine website and add the children as dependents.  Changes to Primary Care Physician (PCP) can also be done online, as well as, view billed appointments, print a temporary ID card, etc. There are two options below that can be used to change a child’s Medicaid Plan or PCP or you can ask for assistance from a WATCH nurse or the Behavioral Health Specialist, Amber Salley if you find barriers in either of the options.

Option A – Website

Select a Plan

Click “Enroll Online” >click “login without using a PIN” > Enter the child’s information in the fields provided (3/5 fields must be filled in).

Click  “CBC/DCF ID number” > enter your FSFN login name under “government issued ID”  Click “Case Worker” > Safe Children Coalition  under “relationship”> Click login.

After you’re logged in, click “select medical plan” > select the child > answer the questions. Click the dropdown box “Primary Plan” > select the plan.

Select a PCP

Select a PCP by using the “PCP search” button.
IF you cannot find your PCP in the search, but know that the PCP accepts the plan you’ve selected, go ahead and enroll the child in the plan > click “no PCP selected” and finish.  Then call the plan directly to change the PCP.

***Note:  If you receive an error that says “login failed”, try changing the information you provided under “member information”.

Option B - Phone 1-877-711-3662

Call the Choice Helpline directly to switch the plan and select the PCP. They will ask for all of the child’s demographic information, so have that information ready.

The direct phone number to Sunshine CWSP is 1-855-463-4100 if you have trouble online. You can also use the CBCIH website to view the authorized caller list, authorizations, primary care doctors, etc. This information is under the “IMV” tab. This is also the website where you will complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that is required by Sunshine.