Case Plan Tasks

Case Plan –Tasks

What are Tasks and who is responsible?

  • Tasks are the services, activities, and/or steps to achieve the outcome.
  • Tasks directly relate to a diminished caregiver protective capacity or factor contributing to the need for an open case.
  • Tasks must be related to allegations in the Dependency Petition.   
  • Tasks are needed for each offending parent (non-offending parents should only have tasks when it is ordered by the Court).
  • When appropriate, include specific tasks and/or services for the children (i.e. CBHA Recommendations, IL, SIJS)

Tasks must be Specific and Measureable

  • State who will do what, when, how often, where, and how it will be measured.
    • Who is responsible?
    • What behavior/action is to be accomplished?
    • When will it be performed?
    • Where it will be done?
    • How often?
  • Tasks are to be clear, realistic, and achievable.
  • Task must be measureable (frequency, duration, intensity)
    • When the task is to begin
    • Frequency of that behavior (how often the behavior is to occur)
    • Duration of the behavior (how long and when it ends)
    • Intensity (how well, how much)


  • Include the type, frequency, location, and phone number of services and the name of the person responsible.

Sequence Tasks Logically

  • Use small incremental steps (tasks) to achieve the outcome so the family can experience success.
  • Give a timeframe for each task and stagger the timeframes so tasks are achievable and not overwhelming to the family.
  • Put the tasks in order for which ones needed to be completed first or before other tasks can begin.

How do you measure outcome achievement?

  • Frequency and duration of visitations
  • Random urine analysis
  • Observation of interaction between children and parents during visitation
  • Psychological evaluation report
  • Following through on recommendations
  • Reports from providers