Policy Updates

October 20, 2016 Update

Recently a number of HR Policies/Procedures were revised and or updated. Please review the attached summary of policies and those changes so you remain informed and aware of practices that may impact your employment. If you click on the Policy Number (i..e. HR-1.02) you will be able to review that policy. Please submit your name so we can be advised you have received the updates. 

The YMCA’s Policies/Procedures are reviewed on an as needed basis to assure compliance with best practices and applicable laws. The policies/procedures may be changed at any time with or without notice, solely at the discretion of the YMCA’s management. 

The policies noted here supersede and replace those previously published.

Personnel Policy/Procedure Manual – Administration, Review and Revision
Minor update to correct website address and change reference to Metro Board to Association Board in item F.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment
Y changed to YMCA throughout document. Discrimination added to title. Website address corrected and Ethics Point website added.


Section II, A (3) corrected for accurate method to calculate OT.  (6) Added reporting all hours worked remotely.

Recruitment/Staff Selection
Section B, d. (3) noted effective date for internal transfers to be consistent with the effective date of new position. Added Section G compliance with Employment Eligibility verifications and E-Verify and Section H to clarify prior service credit.

Orientation and Introductory Period

Removed restrictions for employees to take time off during introductory period.

Wages and Payroll Processing

Clarified adjustment if pay date falls on a national holiday, noted timesheets are electronic, changed vacation, sick and flex days to PTO, clarified supervisor as ESS Manager, and noted payroll correction need to be submitted and documented in writing(email). Added W & H safe harbor language regarding deductions from Exempt staff.

Standards of Performance/Performance Evaluations

Revised to remove reference to electronic storage. Process is a paper form. Removed verification process.

Personnel Records

Removed ability for former (Terminated/Separated) staff to have access to personnel records per advise from employment attorney. Changed compliance with “labor” laws to “applicable laws”.

Code of Conduct and Behavior

Removed reference to Policy HS 3.03 not accessible to employees. Added and reworded language to comply with NLRB guidance per attorney in Item 9, 10 and 11.


Added and reworded language to comply with NLRB guidance per attorney. Removed requirement to submit grievance within 30 days of incident to avoid restriction for staff to report on-going issues that might not have a specific date. Under “step 1 change “will” to “may” to allow for dealing with different circumstances. Separated into two steps: Informal and Formal. Added additional method to report a Grievance using Ethics Point. Removed duplication.

Fraud Communication/Whistleblower

Corrected website address. Reworded examples of violations. Removed references to applicants.


Revised to more accurately reflect our process/procedure.

Payroll for Emergency Situations

Reference to vacation/flex time replaced with PTO (Paid Time Off). Replaced “paychecks” with payroll to cover both checks and Direct deposits.

State and Federal Payroll Reporting

Updated for current processes/procedures.

Employee Timesheets

Duplication of information in HR 2.06 and change in procedures resulting in this policy not being relevant.

Paid Time Off

Revised Pro-Rated Availability for partial Year of service. Previous description was confusing to employees.

Background Screening

Added language to comply with EEOC guidance. Added reference to all federal, state and local laws.

Child Protection Policy

Added definition of protected status.

Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Practices

Reviewed no updates/revisions needed.