Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is a moving carriage with springs, pulleys, bars and straps that allows you to strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, back, hips and buttocks. Regular practice will result in greater strength, increased flexibility, healthier alignment and greater fluidity of movement as well as develop a deeper awareness within the body. Joseph Pilates originally designed the system in the early 1900s and used it to teach proper posture, healthy breathing and healthy movement patterns.

We offer several 55 minute classes throughout the week with qualified Pilates Reformer Instructors. New participants must complete at least one private session prior to joining a group. Please make your class reservation at the front desk 48 hours prior to the class.

Private Session - $50
Semi-Private Session - $30 per person

Group Sessions:

  • 1 session $20

  • 5 sessions $19 ($95)

  • 10 sessions $18 ($180)

  • 20 sessions $17 ($340)