Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch locker room renovation


We’re excited to announce that the Y is renovating the locker rooms at the Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch!

What does this mean for you?
We may experience inconvenience now, but the end result will be wonderful! Please help us by staying positive about our future and bringing any concerns
to our attention.

Locker rooms will close on Monday, October 16th with:

• Temporary changing rooms located on the indoor pool exterior deck

• Showers located at Selby Aquatic Center

• Rinse stations located on the indoor pool deck (please wear swimming suit)

What does this renovation entail?
We are getting new everything! Including: lockers, changing areas, showers, stalls, tile, paint and adding family changing rooms.

How are we able to do this?
We received a one time funding opportunity for this renovation.

How will I get updates?
We will provide updates through facility signage – safety is our number one concern, so please obey signage and avoid barriers put in place to protect you from danger. Email updates – opt in to our emails through the homepage of our website, sarasotaymca.org. And lastly through our social media channels – facebook (like @sarasotaymca) and twitter (follow @srqymca). 

We look forward to reopening the locker rooms in January 2018!