Paul Bowman Elected as New Board Chair at Sarasota Family YMCA


The Sarasota Family YMCA is pleased to announce Paul Bowman has been elected as the new board chair at the Sarasota Family YMCA.

Mr. Bowman has long been associated with the YMCA through the YMCA Foundation of Sarasota, the entity that served as the fundraiser for the YMCA from 1991 until September of 2016.  Mr. Bowman served in various leadership positions for the Foundation including board chair from May 2004 until June 2015. Mr. Bowman has been honored by the YMCA many times over the years, including recognition as the YMCA’s First Citizen in 2015.    

“I’ve always been proud to be associated with the YMCA,” said Mr. Bowman.  “Helping others has been a central focus of my life. I’m happy to step into the Board Chair position so this great organization can continue to serve our community and help others.”  

Mr. Bowman starts as chair immediately and will serve in that role for the next 18 months. Mr. Bowman says he will be focused on renewing fundraising efforts and reconnecting donors to the YMCA’s mission as well as focusing on strategic direction.  Fundraising responsibilities have been since reorganized internally within the YMCA.

“We are thrilled Paul has agreed to step into this leadership role,” said Sarasota Family YMCA Interim President and CEO Laura Gilbert. “Paul will provide exceptional leadership and direction for the YMCA, and I look forward to working with him and the entire board to build upon all the positive momentum we have.”