NEW combined Berlin/Babe Schedule begins Monday, September 26 at the Frank G. Berlin, Sr. Branch

14 more group exercise classes will be offered featuring Babe favorites! Also, the Frank G. Berlin, Sr. Branch will be opening at 5am starting Monday, October 10.


FAQs for Berlin Schedule Changes

Why is Prime Time start time changing?
To accommodate the additional classes we are bringing to the Frank G. Berlin, Sr. Branch.

Why is Sit & Fit start and end times changing?
We moved the time up to accommodate the additional classes we are bringing to the Frank G. Berlin, Sr. Branch. We also changed the class time from 60 minutes to 45 minutes in accordance with recommendations of the Silver Sneakers programs.

Why did you change the 8am Body Flow classes to Muscle/Stretch?
We added Body Flow to M/W/F@ 11am. With the consolidation of the two branches, we sought to bring in established classes at Babe while still providing our popular programming already at Berlin.

Why is my favorite instructor no longer teaching the class?
We are thrilled to expand our instructor family and know that it will only improve our programming for you, the member.

Why did you remove the Friday evening Zumba?
While we tried to create a schedule to merge two very busy programming schedules, some accommodations had to be sought. We do offer Zumba on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Why did you remove the Wednesday night Zumba class?
In consolidating the two branches some difficult decisions had to be reached. We understand that Zumba has a great following as does Dance Trance. We felt this change offered the best solution. You can still Zumba with David on Monday evenings @ 5:30pm.

Why Dance Trance is now offered at different times?
The morning Dance Trance classes were moved to accommodate additional classes. We are also pleased to be able to offer the additional classes on Wednesday and Saturday as they are favorites with all members.

Why did the 12 noon Body Pump classes on Tuesday/Thursday change?
We pushed the time back to 12:15pm to accommodate those on their lunch hour. We also added a CX option on Tuesday.

Why is Balance Fit at a different time?
In order to accommodate additional classes, some existing classes needed to move.    

Why are there two Body Pumps on Friday afternoon?
To accommodate those who work and cannot make the already very popular 4:15pm Body Pump.