Tucker was born in August of 2003. He has medical challenges that include Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, which is a chromosome 16 deletion. Tucker is mostly non-communicative. He has significant delays in language that affect his ability to communicate his needs, wants and ideas. He is able to answer questions or relay his needs in 3 or 4 word responses. He memorizes nursery rhymes and loves music and electronic devices. Tucker is able to walk, but has an abnormal gait. Due to Tucker’s medical conditions, he is unaware of bowel/bladder functioning. Tucker is a loving and sweet child. He is outgoing, friendly, and happy. Tucker attends school and has positive feedback from his teachers.

Tucker will require life long care, and needs a loving, committed family that can provide that to him. In return, Tucker will offer lots of smiles, giggles, and constant joy. Could you be that special family for this lovable child?

Photo by Peter Acker.