Shane enjoys the outdoors, riding bikes, playing with his friends and going to the public library. He is adventurous and enjoys watching movies, building with Legos, playing with remote controlled cars, reading books and attending church-related activities. Shane is an active and friendly child, always on the go, but enjoys having his own private space. He is a Christian and looks forward to attending weekly services and would hope that his adoptive family would do the same. Shane has a healthy appetite and his favorite food is pizza. He is polite, well mannered, and considerate of others. He will need an adoptive family who can love and support him, accepting who he is as he tries to deal with recent losses and rejection. They will need to provide him with the attention he has been lacking in the past year and help to facilitate ongoing therapeutic intervention. It has been recommended that Shane be the only child in the home. Could you be the appropriate forever family for Shane? 

Photo by Kathryn Brass