Reggie is a handsome 15 year old, bi-racial boy, and is an extremely caring child. He loves to be outdoors and enjoys playing sports, especially football. He is currently doing pretty well in school, but he is behind based on his age and will need support to stay on track. He does do very well in math and likes the subject. He is a very sweet and loving child that easily makes friends with those around him. He is very polite and has been known to open doors for ladies and uses his manners on a regular basis. He is very responsible with doing chores around the home and especially likes helping with yard work. He is open to all different kinds of families. He has requested that the family be open to letting him get a dog, as he loves animals. He is very passionate about staying in contact with his sister and his birth mother to some degree. Reggie would benefit from a stable, loving home that is willing to support him and be willing to keep him connected to his biological family in some form.

Photograph by Peter Acker