Krystal is a 15 year-old biracial female. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet, two inches tall. She loves to sing, dance, write poetry, and help out in the community. Krystal is in the ninth grade and struggles in school but knows is important in order to be successful in life. She does best in the Arts and struggles in Math and sometimes in Science. Krystal believes her strengths are anything artistic, writing, and public speaking. Her favorite food is chocolate ice cream and purple is her favorite color. Although Krystal admits she has low self-esteem, she likes that she has a lot of style. She acknowledges that she struggles with anger issues, getting along with her peers, and flashbacks of her past. Krystal looks to the future, which holds a family that loves her for who she is and is willing to stick with her through anything. Krystal struggles to know what her ideal family would look like, is open to potential families of any race, religion, or culture. Krystal needs parents with a lot of patience and who are willing to love her through the difficult times as well as the good.

Photo by Damon Powers