Gabriel & Donterryo

Both siblings Gabriel and Donterryo are a joy to be around. Gabriel enjoys time with his family and he loves being around his siblings. Gabriel is a good listener and is easy to be redirected. He has an amazing imagination and enjoys playing in and outside of the home with his brother. He has a way to let those who care about him know that they are important and matter the most to him whether he is up or down. Donterryo is somewhat similar, full of energy and loves outdoor activities the most. He has an articulate side to him that will make you laugh and think that he has to be older than he is. Both of the boys love to eat and are growing by the minute. They love McDonalds and will always enjoy pizza any time of the day. These little guys need a family that will wrap their loving arms around them and not let go.

Photo by Jake Bibler.