Ethen is a smiley 8 year-old boy. He is very active and his favorite thing to do is climb trees! He enjoys playing with and looking at Pokemon cards. He is very skilled in knowing all about his Pokemon cards and the characters. Ethen was having some challenges academically, but he has been set up with a tutor recently and it appears he has improved. Ethen is currently working on his behavioral expectations, as well. Any family considering Ethen will need to advocate for his school needs and have realistic, attainable expectations of his behavior. This young man has faced many hardships and an understanding, sensitive family will be needed. It is felt that Ethen would do best in a two parent home and be either the only or youngest child in the home. Ethen will need a supportive, loving family who will be there for him and love him no matter what!

Photo by Peter Acker.