Dakota & Amelia

There are so many great things about this dynamic duo that will bring so much joy
to a family! Dakota and Amelia are in need of a patient family that can keep them
together and maintain a relationship with their youngest sibling. Although these
two love each other, there are still rumblings of sibling rivalry with a medley of
toddler mischief. They need a lot of one on one attention and would thrive in a
home as the only children or youngest children in the home. Due to their medical
and therapeutic needs, Dakota and Amelia would do best in a home with a stay at
home parent with a flexible schedule. Despite all of the progress these two have
made, they will continue to need a family that can provide them the assistance,
love and encouragement that they need to develop and grow.

Dakota is an energetic and curious little man that thrives on extra attention. He is
a loving, helpful, silly and funny child who is often seen with a captivating smile on
his face. Dakota enjoys playing with his toys, playing outside and playing in water.
His favorite toys are mega blocks, cars, trucks and his little workbench with tools.
Dakota enjoys the one on one attention of being read to. His favorite television
shows are Mickey Mouse,

Amelia is a vibrant and friendly toddler that lacks self-awareness at times. She is a
loving, happy and sweet child who is often seen with a beautiful smile on her face.
Amelia enjoys playing outside, playing in water and climbing anything she can. Her
favorite toys are dolls, ponies and anything that lights up and makes noises. Amelia
loves to watch Barney, Minnie Mouse and Daniel Tiger. Her favorite food is