Antonio, Robert & Ashanti

Antonio is an all-around cool kid who gets along with everyone. He’s got a friendly, open personality that enables him to be comfortable with all kinds of crowds, and his infectious curiosity livens up the motions of everyday life. Drawing is his absolute favorite thing to do, and he plans to match this with his love of writing and become a cartoonist when he grows up. Antonio has a very hopeful outlook on life, and tackles whatever difficulties he may face with optimism and energy. He’s really looking forward to having a dad who will play with him and help him with his homework, and to living in a neighborhood with lots of other kids.

Robert is a special little boy who, despite the struggles he faces, loves to be loved. Like many kids his age, he has a playful and fun attitude towards just about anything, and though he can be shy with strangers those who take the time to know him well are rewarded by his sweet and sensitive nature. He likes to paint and draw, and shows a great amount of determination when trying new things, such as recently learning to ride a bike. With this inherent perseverance, there is no telling what Robert will be able to do in his life and may end up “surprising us all.” Robert will thrive in an experienced and loving two-parent household with his older brother and sister.

Ashanti is a super-sweet and affectionate girly-girl, who loves her big brother tremendously. A lot of different things make this girl happy, including books, music, playing at the park, and (most especially) a pan of brownies fresh from the oven! She’s a talented singer and dancer, and thinks that she’d like to be an entertainer when she grows up. Ashanti really enjoys one on one attention, and she’s looking forward to having a mom to spend quality time with. She’s a caring and kind little girl who lives to give love, and who deserves a lot of love in return.

These three great kids will thrive in a caring, experienced, two-parent home. Their talents and great personalities will flourish under consistent encouragement and love.