The Circle of Champions is a group of like-minded people who value helping others in Sarasota - especially those in need - reach their full potential, who support the YMCA financially at the $1,000 level or higher and who receive unique invitations to civic and social events.

Join us! Become part of this ever-growing community and social circle today!


Your support will…

  • Help ensure our community’s 800 homeless youth enroll in, stay in and graduate from school.

  • Improve the quality of life for 1,600 Foster Care children through the Sarasota YMCA’s Safe Children Coalition.

  • Educate low-income parents how to be their preschool child’s first teacher through the Y’s early literacy program - HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters).

  • Inspire 200 at-risk teens to plan for a future after high school through the YMCA Achievers program.

  • Subsidize summer camp and/or after school care for kids and families in need. Last year, the YMCA served 2,891 children.

  • Provide free or reduced YMCA memberships for kids and families in need.

  • Assist in the prevention of drowning. Last year, 3,467 children and adults learned to swim at the YMCA.

  • Support ALL the Sarasota YMCA’s efforts and activities.


Lynette Mancuso

Charter Members

Jordy Anderson

Body by Won

Ronda Gallehue

Brad Goddard

Cherie and Ralph Gorenstein

Ann Gray

Michele and Caleb Grimes

Alina Doreste Johnson

Kyle Kerwaby

Kathleen O’Hara

Sara Rhodes

Alexandra Ziegler

Gordie and Elton White