100 Club

Studies have shown that tracking your workouts can enhance your results. The Sarasota YMCA wants to help hold you accountable to 100 workouts starting today. It’s easy, fun and free!


Register to receive a 100 CLUB wrist band and tracking card. This green wrist band will let us know you’re working towards the 100 CLUB.


Exercise at least 15 Minutes to get credit for a workout. You can take a class, swim, workout on the floor; it's your choice as long as you workout at a Sarasota YMCA to get credit. Maximum number of workouts each day is 2. This is an honor system so you can check mark your workouts or hand your card to your instructor or Y employee for them to check it off.


Make it official, after you have completed 100 workouts at the Y, return your tracking card to receive a t-shirt and swap out your old wrist band for a new wrist band signifying your accomplishment.